September 8th, 2017

Everyone from south Louisiana remembers flooding being a problem whether it was from Hurricane Katrina, or the Great Flood of 2016. So many people lost their homes to natural disasters in such a short time frame. We are still seeing flood houses from last year that haven’t even been touched since the flood. It’s so sad to see how long of a process these people are going through just to get back home. Whether they are fighting insurance companies or they’ve gotten their insurance money but it…

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September 6th, 2017

Every time someone contemplates going through a remodel, there are a few initial fears and thoughts that come to mind. Who will be in my home for long periods of time? Will they take advantage of me? Will it take a long time? Will I have to leave my house? Can I trust these people to be inside my home? Will there be surprise fees and costs? What aren’t they telling me? These are very valid questions to be asking! A remodel can be a very lengthy process and it is a hard lump to swallow to…

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